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SC-RISE is a vertically integrated center, working to improve all aspects of solar energy from the basic materials and devices through wide-scale implementation. Members have many opportunities throughout the year to contribute to our research agenda, shape student design projects, participate in Center events, develop new technologies, and draw on the University's expertise.

CE-CERT will provide facilities, and UCR will provide a base level of staff support. Public and private utilities, industry, trade organizations, unions, and other academic institutions will become members of SC-RISE. As members, they will guide the initiatives and benefit from its services. Our vision is that this collaborative effort will accelerate the adoption of solar technologies for appropriate uses in California and around the world.


For the academic communitymembership application

  • Access to faculty with expertise in all aspects of solar and renewable energy.
  • Interactions with students on design projects: Members can bring “real world” design challenges and work with the students as they develop their solutions.
  • Early look at prospective new hires.
  • Invitations to lectures, meetings, and other events.
  • Opportunities to collaborate on research and education contracts and grants. 

For the business community

  • Expert, unbiased advice on how to implement solar energy solutions in your business.
  • Employee training and workforce development in the installation, safe and proper maintenance, and ultimate decommissioning of solar energy systems.
  • Real-world data on solar energy system performance.
  • Validation and certification of system performance.

For the technology community

  • Data and reports on new developments in photovoltaic and solar-thermal materials and devices.
  • Opportunities for collaboration with academic institutions, government agencies, industry, and international organizations on technology development and assessment.
  • Perspectives on new trends and opportunities in renewable energy.
  • Collaborations through the Center with Tohoku University in Sendai City, Japan – one of the world’s leading institutions for research on low-cost photovoltaics.
  • Opportunities for personnel exchanges and visiting researcher appointments at UCR and Tohoku University.

For the end-user community

  • Direct contact with photovoltaic and solar thermal system end-users to learn from their experiences.
  • Access to “real world” fielded systems to explore how they work.     

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For more information about giving opportunities for SC-RISE, contact Jed Schwendiman, Senior Director of Development, by phone at (951) 827-4897 or at

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