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Assembly Bill 811


Loan Program Boosts Solar Technology Through Collaboration

Capturing an increasing share of the sun’s energy in Southern California was part of the message of a Feb. 9 conference at UCR to promote the benefits of Assembly Bill 811.

managing directorAlfredo A. Martinez-Morales, Managing Director of Southern California Research Initiative for Solar Energy (SC-RISE) said AB811, which offers low interest loans to stimulate the use of solar panels and other sustainable technologies, is a prime example of policies that need to be adopted.

Incentives and greater public awareness of the economic and environmental benefits are essential to realize SC-RISE’s goal of the widespread adoption of affordable solar technologies, Martinez-Morales said.

Education through outreach, curriculum development, technology demonstrations and workforce development are other important ingredients to a successful solar scenario in Southern California, he added.

Like AB 811, SC-RISE plans to be a nexus for local government, utilities, technology companies, contractors and public to find common interests for the common good. “In this case we want end-users to feel and know that they are doing something that is of benefit not only to them but also to society as well,” Martinez-Morales added.

The other essential driver of affordable solar energy, new technologies, is also on the agenda for SC-RISE which has recruited more than a dozen scientists and engineers who are actively conducting solar research, especially at the materials levels, he concluded.


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