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bright horizons


Sustainable Energy Opportunities, Options, and Realities

charles wymanCharles Wyman, Ford Motor Company Chair in Environmental Engineering and biofuels researcher, evaluates the range of options using near-term technologies for sustainable energy.



Why Solar is the Way to Sustainability

valentine vullevBioengineering researcher Valentine I. Vullev argues that solar energy is our best hope for a sustainable energy supply and explains his work on molecular engineering to improve energy conversion.



Advances and Future Directions in Solar Cells and Thermoelectrics

nosang myungMechanical Engineering Professor Nosang Myung explains his own scientific advances and predicts the future development of solar cells and thermoelectrics.



Energy Storage Materials for Concentrating Solar Power

javier garayMechanical Engineering Professor Javier Garay explains how new materials and designs show potential for improving current methods of storing solar energy for use during night-time hours..



New Materials Improve Collection of Photons

mihri ozkanMihri Ozkan, Professor of Electrical Engineering, outlines her work in nano-technology to improve the efficiency of inexpensive materials to produce Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells.



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